2011 Retirement List – Thirty One Gifts.

2011_Retirement_List   Open to view.

Before the Christmas celebrations begin, I wanted to share with you lots of exciting news coming from Thirty- One this week! First, our Fall retiring product/pattern list came out this week. This is a list of things that are now only available while supplies last up until January 31st and will not be in the new catalog. When you look over the attached list (attached to the bottom of this email), be sure to check for accessories to match products you currently have or pieces to a collection you have been building. Also think about the gifts you have purchased and are sitting under your tree right now. You might want to go ahead and grab a coordinating piece (wallet, zipper pouch etc.) and stash it away for someone’s birthday. The list is broken into three parts:

1. Patterns that are retiring. This means NOTHING will be available in this pattern when they run out of current stock.

2. Products that are retiring. These products will not be available in any pattern again.

3. Products that are retiring in only a certain patterns. This means the product and the print are staying but the specific combo is not. For example, the picnic thermal is staying and Circles Spirals is staying but the Circles Spirals Picnic Thermal is not.

If there is something you would like to order on this list, contact me ASAP  at yecats6391@gmail.com or order directly from my website http://www.mythirtyone.com/srbj   

In a few days, you will also be receiving a special newsletter from me (if you forward me your email address to yecats6391@gmail.com)  inviting you to a special outlet sale. These are products that were retired from previous catalogs (none of the products on the new list will be included) offered to you at amazing prices. To shop, you will follow the link in the email to my website and order from there. Please note, these products may not ship to you for 4- 6 weeks after you order and cannot be personalized.

Also, remember our amazing thermal sale is going on! It’s the perfect time to restock your “emergency gift” supply or replace your lunch box (or plastic grocery bag you have been carrying your lunch to work in, lol) for the new year!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic New Year!




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